Competitions and Deadlines

Each expandable area below allows for the submission of a Research Paper abstract, Research Poster abstract, or Chem-E-Car EDP. If you would like to update your submission, simply submit the appropriate form again. If you do need to do this, we highly suggest appending the date to your abstract's/EDP's filename. Our server will keep all versions on file and will also track submissions by date. Remember to register (link) in addition to filling out the forms here.

Note: None of the fields are 'required' by default, but we will bother you to fill out all of the information if you miss a box or two!


  • Research Poster and Paper Competitions: March 9th
  • Chem-E-Car EDP: March 1st
    • Please review the additional instructions given by Michelle Marsnick: EDP’s will now be uploaded to AIChE’s page, SharePoint will NO LONGER be used. You must be invited to to upload your teams EDP. To receive access to and instructions you must contact Michelle Marsnick at Please do this well BEFORE the day it is due.
    • Use the following link to review additional safety / EDP instructions and information: