The AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition

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If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid  Paredes.

Sponsored by AIChE and presented by the Student Chapters Committee, the Chem-E-Car Competition is a bi-annual event which tests the rigor, teamwork, and minds of individual university AIChE chapters. The goals of the competition are to design, present, and implement a chemically-powered car. The ‘Chem-E-Car’ must be able to travel a variable distance and support a variable weight. University teams are awarded prizes for a poster presentation, overall safety, and car methodology and performance.

In 2012 the Rutgers ChemE Car team competed at the Stevens Institue of Technology AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Conference in which the team placed fourth overall among the fifteen schools participating. See the results here. Rutgers constructed a car that was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and used a Mg in HCl/H20 solution coupled with a photo-resistor as its stopping mechanism. Click here for a .pdf showcasing the car. Additionally, the team went on to Nationals in Pittsburg, PA and placed 20th overall in the country -- the highest standing Rutgers University has ever reached.

Advisor: Dr. Celik

We would like to thank our sponsors, Merck and BASF.