2012 - Fall

The Rutgers Chem-E-Car Team returns to school with high hopes for the National Chem-E-Car Competition in Pittsburg, PA. Though two veteran team members graduated in the Spring, two fresh sophomores have joined the team, adding new chemistry to a team with top talent.

The Teams for the Fall season:

Team A -- Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car -- Abandon Ship!

Tem A's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, titled Abandon Ship!, is powered by a 20-cell proton exchange membrane fuel cell, obtaining its fuel mixture from two concentric hydrogen balloons and the surrounding oxygen. The stopping mechanism involves including a magnesium strip into the power circuit; by dipping the magnesium into a predetermined concentration of hydrochloric acid, the magnesium will dissolve and break the circuit in the required time. The chassis is made from a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Though some parts were purchased, many were machined by the members of Team B.

Updates will be made after the Annual Student Conference.

Team B -- Biodiesel Car

Team B has already begun working on the most ambitious car in Rutgers University Chem-E-Car team history. Updates and progress to follow.

The Rutgers University 2012 Fall Chem-E-Car Team!

For more pictures and videos, check out the photos page.