2012 - Spring

With the Rutgers Chem-E-Car team expanding to 15 students, the team was split up into three groups -- each with their own Chem-E-Car design.

Team A -- Peltier Car

Team A's Peltier Car is powered by five thermoelectric peltiers and is stopped by an iodine clock reaction. The reaction chamber, made from PVC and aluminum, holds the endothermic and exothermic reactions. The peltiers take advantage of the temperature gradient, turning thermal energy into electrical energy.

Driving Mechanism Reactions:

  • Endothermic -- Dry Ice in Acetone
  • Exothermic -- Potassium Hydroxide in excess Sulfuric Acid

Team B -- Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car -- Abandon Ship!

Tem B's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, titled Abandon Ship!, is powered by a 20-cell proton exchange membrane fuel cell, obtaining its fuel mixture from two concentric hydrogen balloons and the surrounding oxygen. The stopping mechanism involves including a magnesium strip into the power circuit; by dipping the magnesium into a predetermined concentration of hydrochloric acid, the magnesium will dissolve and break the circuit in the required time. The chassis is made from a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Though some parts were purchased, many were machined by the members of Team B.

At the Stevens University AIChE Mid-Atlantic Conference, Abandon Ship! placed 4th out of 15 teams, clinching regional berth for Rutgers University for the second consecutive year. Click here to view Team B's 2012 Mid-Atlantic Conference poster.

Team C -- Aluminum Air Battery Car -- Knight Fury

Team C's Aluminim Air Battery Car, titled Knight Fury, is powered by twelve handmade cells, each composed of copper, zinc, salt water, and charcoal. Each cell is connected in series and provides power to the motor. The car is stopped using an iodine clock reaction.

Though Knight Fury was unable to place at the Mid-Atlantic conference, Team C is determined to return next year with an updated car.  Click here to view Team C's 2012 Mid-Atlantic Conference poster.

The Rutgers University 2012 Spring Chem-E-Car Team!

For more pictures and videos, check out the photos page.