Summer Update

Summer is here! Here is a quick update on what we are working on:

  1. Governor's School of Engineering and Technology (GSET) - The New Jersey Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology at Rutgers University is an intensive residential summer program that brings together some of New Jersey’s most talented and motivated high school students. Free of grades and official credit, students spend part of the summer following their junior year studying on the campus of the Rutgers University School of Engineering at no cost to their families. Thanks to the support of our sponsers, we are in the process of bringing you a great year! We will be working on the Aluminum Air Battery project with the students. Please visit here for more information on GSET.
  2. The 2013 AIChE Mid-Atlantic conference is hosted by Rutgers! Refer here for updates as the conference approaches.

More updates to come! Have a great summer!!


Congratulations Spring 2012 Chem-E-Car Team!

Congratulations to the Spring 2012 Rutgers Chem-E-Car Team! Team B's Abandon Ship! hydrogen fuel cell powered car came in 4th place out of 15 competitors at the AIChE Mid-Atlantic Conference at Stevens University. Due to the high ranking of the car, Rutgers now qualifies for the National Conference in Pittsburg, PA. Under the guidance of the team's advisor, Dr. Tomassone, Abandon Ship! was designed, built, and tested by Victor Kabala (Team B Captain), Agnessa R., Alex Mayberry, Matthew Cerwinski, and Kevin Miranda (Chem-E-Car President).

For conference and Chem-E-Car competition pictures, be sure to check out the Photos page!

For additional information on Rutgers' 2012 Chem-E-Car team, click here.


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